This perfect little mix of natural ingredients are carefully selected to ensure that your skin gets a good old pampering!

We belive that the best skin treatment we getis within our natural world. This face mask is suitable for sensitive and mature skin. Pink clay and Kaolin can help soften and refine delicate lines. The Rooibos tea leaves helps to act as a gentle exfoliator and helps to replenish and rejuvenate. To top it all off, we have colloidol oats which helpsreplenish moisture levels and is gentle and calm on sensitive skin. A lot is going on in thisbottle! We should have put a cape on it. We recommend at least one face mask ritual a week. This bottle provides approximately 10-12 masks and more. Wowzers!



Tea & Clay | Rooibos & Pink

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  • Pink clay Kaolin clay Colloidal oats Organic rooibos tea

  • Just add warm water to a tablespoon of powder and mix in either a wooden or porcelain dish. 

    Apply to face.

    Wash off after 10-15 minutes or until when you feel beautified enough!