There is more to this scent than meets the nose. Built up of numerous layers, Sandlewood, Cedar and even Clove, but the dominant player is definitely Apple! The Tobacco flower and subtle smoked oak give it an earthy and more grounded tone. A very crisp and fresh scent, where fruity meets woody.


We decided to use wooden wicks as they give a little crackle when lit and because we just think they look awesome. You may have to light them for a few seconds longer than regular wicks to allow the wood to take flame. We recommend that after each burn you remove part of the wicks ashes to allow the wood to take flame when relit and to preventing soot falling onto your wax.


The approximate burn time is 25+ hours


We hope you enjoy our candles, just as much as we do. Enjoy. 

MANDLE Collection | Green Apple and Tobacco

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  • Soy Wax, fragrance oil, wooden wick.

    Amber opaque glass

    Weight 18oz

    Approx burn time- 25+ Hours

    As all candles are handpoured there may be some very slight variations of weight.

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