Zoooooommmm! A Kiwi childhood ain't complete without a Jetplane or three. Chewy, fruity and delicious! Our chosen scents are inspired by the awesome Jetplane flavours, rich and tangy. To capture the jelly-like consistency we have used Gel wax for the Jetplane, which will melt slower than the soy wax, we suspect this is because it is low on air-fuel! We hope this candle leaves you feeling above the clouds.

Lil & Mift | Jetplanes | Orange

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  • Ingredients: Premium Soy Wax, Gel Wax, Soy dye & Fragrance oil

    Directions: Trim wick after every burn to ensure a good flame to prevent any ash from falling onto the wax

    Approx. Burn time 30+ hours

  • Non -Edible 100% wax

    Due to the nature of each candle being individually made, no two candles look the same, although we very much do try! Please note It may vary slightly in colour/shape from the photo shown.