A Kiwi favourite for a job well done! Make this delicious treat last longerwith our Chocolate Fush inspired scented candle. Nope not a typo, that's just how we say it . We have tried to capture the essence of this kiwi icon with a  delicate marshmallow scent that is highly addictive. Yum!


Directions: Trim wick after every burn to ensure a good flame and to prevent any ash from falling onto the wax



Chocolate Fush

  • All lovingly handmade and handpoured individually which may result in slight variations of colour and mould of lolly made. 


    If out of stock or you would like to purchase more, drop us an email and we will see what we can do

  • We use a premium soy wax and fragrance oil, and wooden wick.


    Tin size is 8oz Approx 200ml


    Approx burn time 28hrs