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Mini freak-out at Discontinued EcoSoya Advanced

Yes I really did!

A few months before Christmas I finally clocked onto this happening, I had no idea until I contacted my supplier, desperate to know why they were out of stock on the lead up to the silly season.

Yep it was known for some time, I'm just very slow on the uptake, I was just happily making my candles blissfully unaware getting high on floral fumes.

Initially I was very disappointed and panicked as I wasn't sure what wax to turn to next and I knew this would mean testing them out again, lots of trial and errors, boooooo- which i didn't have time for!

EcoSoya CB Advanced is very very popular amongst candle makers, easy to use, great visual results, smooth creamy soy with excellent scent throw,minimal frosting, what every seller wants! To provide the best quality they can. The FDA (food and drug administration) wanted to do some sort of re evaluation on it, not sure about the whole ins and outs about it. My mind usually drifts off if things are not explained in layman terms.

So I went on a search for a new wax, read heaps of reviews and have finally switched to Golden Soy Wax464. AND even though rumour has is CB Advanced has returned!!!!! I'm sticking with this one because

- it's easy to use

-creamy and smooth (as soy should be)

-no frosting

-less sinkholes!

-great scent throw

-GMO Free

-No Paraffin

-No unnatural additives

You candle buffs probably already knew EcoSoya CB Advanced had returned, but like I said, I am a bit slow on the uptake. I grabbed the Soy that worked the best for me and ran with it haha

There are so many different types of Soy brands/grades out there now it can be a bit over whelming and can become quite costly to sample them all.

GoldenSoy Wax464 is a darn good soy wax. I like to use the best ingredients I can locate to provide affordable, but luxury candles. I always put special deals on at markets. So if I was to go back to the other brand, I would probably have to up my price point slightly as their wax is more expensive, which is what I do not want to do

I never knew how complex the world of soy was until i started this candle making venture, but it's a fun one!

What wax do you use? Any issues with any particular brand?

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