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Why so SOY-re-us?

Huh huh, get it?

Since embarking on our candle making adventure, we knew we wanted to work with Soy. We already knew that it is better for the environment and has a longer burning time, but after working with it and reading more into it, we have learnt a lot, so here I share:

1. Soy is now the popular choice, everyone must have heard of it by now. You can eat it, drink it (not the wax of course) and use it in cosmetics etc. But why Soy? It is trendy to try and better ourselves these days, eat clean, do the whole yoga on a cliff thing. So we are as humans thankfully finding healthier alternatives, not just for us but the environment as well.

So be a trend monkey and get into Soy. If you already have a beard, a checked shirt, oversized glassed with fake lenses and a jaunty hat, you're almost there!

2. It is a vegetable wax, (no animals harmed here) the oils are extracted from- you guessed it, Soy beans!

The Soy beans are first harvested, cleaned, cracked, de-hulled, and rolled into flakes and then the oil is extracted. It all gets a bit too 'sciencey' for me! There is a Hydrogenation process ...... Google for more interest on this ;)

3. As it comes from nature, it is a renewable source, for as long as we can grow stuff anyways. America is the largest exporter of this amazing stuff, surprised?

4. Soy wax, has a cleaner burn, it doesn't release any nasty toxins into the air. So you can also say our candles are non-toxic, howza bouts dat!

5. It burns for longer so better value for money too!

6. It provides a great scent throw due to its low melting point. Again this gets sciencey. But from my experience of wax melting, I would say this to be true. It melts faster and so creates a glorious lil pool of melted wax at the top of your container, allowing the luscious scents to get outta there faster!

7. It has a beautiful creamy consistency, and you can use it in massaging, as it melts at a low temperature, just check that it doesn't have any additives. I have personally not tried this but i do have pretty soft hands after working with soy all day!

Have any other benefits? List below :)

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