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Wood Vs Cotton

I probably get asked at every market now, why do I use wooden wicks? Well, there are a number of reasons.

1. Personal opinion, I think they just look cool ( i'm easily impressed). Although wooden wicks are getting more popular, you will see cotton wicks more, so it is nice to be different- well a bit different anyway.

2. Love the natural vibe they give especially with 100%natural soy wax, they make a good team.

3. They gently crackle when they burn! Almost like a little bonfire. I find this comforting and relaxing, pretending i'm out in the bush somewhere, getting away from it all haha.

4. Gives an excellent flame. Be careful though, they can get pretty big, so maintenance is a must ( trim after each use- you can use nail clippers, but I just pick off with my fingers, and wipe it on my clothes- don't do that part ) It also prevents suit from falling into wax.

5. Let wax melt to the edges, this flame helps achieve that!

Cotton smotton! I don't think I could go back to cotton wicks now, although they may look a bit more elegant, I find that they tend to tunnel the wax more and create more soot.

If you do decide to experiment with wooden wicks, do buy treated wood otherwise it won't take flame, and you will have to do plenty of trial and errors with different dimensions of wood, to get the right flame and flow of burn time.

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