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Burning the Candle at both Ends

Ha, not very original, I know! But I do like to burn a few when I work/research, a comforting little glow that also makes the room smell nice!

I've always loved candles, and the must have ones growing up were the Yankee Candles. You could just lift the lid and the scent would fill the room. But, since moving to NZ five years ago form the UK, I have found good quality candles can be quite expensive, so I just don't buy them as often as i used to. Boo!

Having a creative background and struggling to get a job in my field, my hands and brain just wanted to get busy and make something, so after a lot of research, planning and trial and error, I began making my own soy candles. You can make top quality soy candles just like the shops! The only difference I have seen, is packaging quality. If the packaging is more expensive, the overall product will be. So one of my aims is to try and balance both, good quality but reasonable price.

Having good feedback from my friends and family on my candles and design etc, I took them to the Market Stalls of Auckland, where the response has so far been good. It is nerve racking experience, bringing your product to the public especially as this is something that you have invested so much time into. But you need to be ready for criticism- with a smile

So for this new blog of mine (I have never done one before) i'm going to babble on about

-New products in the mix

-Will share any interesting related articles i find to do with Candles, bath products etc

-Best sellers

-Market Stall experience, tips

- and anything else ......

Like I said I did a lot of research ( burning candles at both ends- boom boom) before I ventured out into markets etc. So I have attached some pictures from my research book- what a mess it is! So it is a piece of the Lil and Mift journey!

#soy #candle

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