Ditch the tin of mints and make a better impression!

Unfortunately, Custom orders are currently unavailable as stock levels and deliveries from our various wholesalers are very up and down at the moment due to the Covid effect. However, please feel free to make an enquiry and we can get back to you on whether your request is doable. lilandmift@gmail.com


Want to promote your brand, and make a lasting impression? A promotional gift or something to sell from your hotel reception, it's a little bit different from the usual pens or tins of mint, this will definitely memorable.

All you have to do is discuss what scent represents your brand? E.g if you are a coffee shop, we can do Flat White. If you are a Spa we can do uplifting and calming scents.

Have a look at your examples and explain to us what your vision is or if you like our examples and just would like them tweaked, we can do that too

Wedding Favour?

Have it your way!
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