Ditch the tin of mints and make a better impression!

Have it your way!

If you are interested in what we do , you might want to send us an email lilandmift@gmail.com for our price list first. Minimum order is 24 tins.


We have also included delivery costs but if you live in Auckland and prefer to pick up, of course that will be free and something we can arrange.

Now what might you be after?
Are you looking for a bespoke scent for?
What type of scent do you have in mind?
Which colour of tin?
Do you have a logo you would like attached?
How many are you thinking? The minimum is 24

We will get back to you with a price list

 and we can work it from there :)

A few things to note:

We use Wooden Wicks, this is our brand preference

Our labels are printed on pearlised paper ( it has a slight shimmer- have a look at our Travel Tin Collection) We feel that it gives more of a lux touch, but if your after something else, let us know!

The tins are 6oz / 150ml Approx

On the label we have to have our brand name and made in New Zealand, we are happy to work with you on how this is portrayed- we can do subtle ;)

We are a small busy home business in Auckland, get in touch only if you are really keen. Will be happy to assist!

Wedding Favour?

Some couples opt for a signature cocktail for their big day but how about a bespoke design with a fragrance of your choice instead, it will have a lasting impression. It also adds a touch of elegance to the table.

If this is something you are interested in, get in contact. We will discuss the colour scheme, what you would like written. If you are arty, you can send us your illustrations that you might want to incorporate or if you like some of our examples we can just use that and alter the colours.

After we have discussed scent etc, we can send you at a maximum 3 tart melts as a sample for the price of $12


Want to promote your brand, and make a lasting impression? A promotional gift or something to sell from your hotel reception, it's a little bit different from the usual pens or tins of mint, this will definitely memorable.

All you have to do is discuss what scent represents your brand? E.g if you are a coffee shop, we can do Flat White. If you are a Spa we can do uplifting and calming scents.

Have a look at your examples and explain to us what your vision is or if you like our examples and just would like them tweaked, we can do that too

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